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I have been sourcing for a massive financial group that is based in Abu Dhabi.

About 3 years ago they began a project to revolutionize the Educational system by integrating Technology to make the Syllabi more interactive and learner-focus. They hired about 300 experts within the Technology and Educational industries, and after hard-work they finally were able to produce and market their brilliant product through their newly formed company. Cloudstream Global was fortunate enough to land an exclusive sourcing contract with the Group and we have grown their team from 0 to 30 in 6 months, 8 of those individuals are top European developers, thus the company is expanding with extreme pace.

We are now looking for an incredible Ruby on Rails Developer with React Native experience to join their team in Abu Dhabi to take the lead in the Ruby on Rails development.

Look I know that it might seem like it would be out of your comfort zone, but the company is prepared to give you a comprehensive benefits package that I urge you to read through:

  • Career growth – they are a huge group and the growth is as much as you want it, as a start-up the teams are not officially formed, go in there and prove yourself and see you rise through the ranks and grow your career.
  • Salary above market-related
  • Family security- the salary being tax-free and the benefits and bonuses means you can save the extra money and have a better quality of life.
  • Challenge- they are working on next level industry disrupting products and the latest technology
  • Abu Dhabi – Has just been voted the safest city in the world, you know you are raising a family in this City.
  • Schooling – Is excellent and affordable.
  • Location – Masdar city is a Westernised comfortable location, they chose this location after plenty of research, good schooling, affordable location and a Free zone, relaxed.
  • Bonus- discretionary bonus year on year, if you perform well and vouch for your own skills this tax-free bonus will be massive for you.
  • Service bonus - As per UAE law for every year you work with the company you receive one month’s salary when you leave. For example, work for them for 5 years when you leave get 5 months bonus tax-free. You won’t get this anywhere else in the world.
  • Return flights home once a year for you and dependents and they use a company that gives you cheap flight rates
  • Full medical insurance including dental for you and dependents including hospital cover.
  • 1 months free accommodation – to help you settle and a loan interest-free of 85% of rent to help pay if needed.
  • 0% commission on rental and someone to help find you accommodation at no cost
  • 25 days annual leave
  • 13 days public holidays

Please let me know if this is of any interest.

Kind Regards,

Cloudstream Global
Abu Dhabi, UAE
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Broné Ram